The main idea of the PROFICIENCY project is to generate an increase of knowledge, visibility and intensity of collaboration of IUNG with existing and new partners within Europe. A particular attention will be paid to strengthening ties with high quality research centres and Polish end-users (government, industry, agricultural advisers and farmers). Such a strategy will be implemented through the seven described work packages, always relying on an interdisciplinary approach of each activity category :

  • WP1: Upgrade of equipment and setting up of a modern laboratory;
  • WP2: Human capacities increase and optimal organisation of IUNG;
  • WP3: Scientific trainings through researchers’ mobility;
  • WP4: Further integration of IUNG within the ERA and partnerships’ strengthening;
  • WP5: Project and results dissemination;
  • WP6: Management;
  • WP7: Expert Panel review.

Work package 1 (WP1) consists in an upgrade of IUNG’s equipment, thus increasing its attractiveness for researchers and enlarge possibilities for participation in different programmes. The new equipment will enrich IUNG laboratories and reorganise the research space as more appropriate according to the four research sub-themes.

Work package 2 (WP2) concentrates on improvement of the internal human capacities and the management organisation. It opens the possibilities for experienced researchers to be employed in the IUNG with particular reference to Poles working presently in the foreign research centres. They may cover new research areas and help in relocation of human potential in IUNG .

Work package 3 (WP3) focuses on exchange of know-how through mobility trainings. Two-way mobility trainings and scientific exchange will be organised on a large scale within Europe. Nearly 60 persons are planed increase their scientific potential through long and short-term trainings in the leading European research institutions, particularly PROFICIENCY partners. In return, IUNG will welcome over 30 researchers from the PROFICIENCY partners and other European countries for long term stays and/or short visits.

Work package 4 (WP4) aims at creation of partnerships with other actors within Europe. New collaborations with other excellent research centres will be pursued and a platform on sustainable agriculture will be launched.

Work package 5 (WP5) covers dissemination of the project and the results of the scientific works carried out within the four main IUNG research area. Activities will be organised on different scales: international conferences, national workshops trainings and open days, establishment of the website, scientific and popular publication and press information. Results will be visible to a large audience and foster the impact of the PROFICIENCY project.

Work package 6 (WP6) comprise corresponds to management activities.

Work package 7 (WP7) comprises Expert Panel Review, which will assess the excellence of IUNG.

The activity of all work packages will cover the four main Research Areas (RA) defined as priorities by the Institute and represented by the expertise from 11 IUNG departments:

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